eurysco is a free and open source project based on PHP language, in order to enhance and simplify the remote administration of Microsoft operating systems with an intuitive, fast and responsive web interface

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Integration with Third-Party Products:     Nagios NRPE NT Agent Integrationtested version 0.8b   Nagios NSClient++ Agent Integrationtested version

eurysco is based on the following characteristics for a strong security:   Apache Hardened Proxy for SSL Communication TLS 1.2 SSL Certificates with Hashing SHA512 and RSA 2048/4096 […]

Monitoring and manage multiple eurysco Nodes:     Nodes Informations and Metering Connections Status Node Name CPU Usage % Memory Usage (KiloByte) System Disk Usage % Total Processes […]

File System Manager:     File Browser Informations Current Path Path Date Modified Total Path Elements Name Date Modified File Size Type Date Created Date Accessed Mime Type […]

  Command Line interpreter application like Microsoft CMD (any commands that do not require user interaction):  

Advance management of System Registry with detailed informations:     System Registry Informations Key Path Name Type Value   System Registry Control Create New Key Create New Value […]

View Real-Time informations about:       Events Event Type Event ID Event Log File Source Name Time Generated Description Message

Manage Scheduled Tasks and view Real-Time informations:     Scheduled Tasks Informations Total Tasks Task Name Task State Next Run Date Last Run Date Action Detail Result Code […]

Advance management of system Services with Real-Time informations:     Service Informations Total Services Process ID Service Display Name Service State Start Mode Exit Code Service Name User […]

Advance management of running Processes with Real-Time informations:     Process Informations Total Processes Process ID Process Name CPU Usage % Memory Usage (KiloByte) Parent Process ID User […]

  Explore Windows Management Instrumentation and view all detailed informations about the internal state of computer systems:    

View detailed informations about:     Installed Programs: Vendor Name Software Name Version Product Code   Programs Control Uninstall Program

View detailed informations about:       Computer System: Computer Name Domain DNS HostName Computer Manufacturer Computer Model Computer Description System Type WakeUp Type Primary OwnerName Number of […]

View Real-Time informations about:       Computer and Operating System OS Name OS Version OS Service Pack OS Serial Number Computer Manufacturer Computer Model Total Processes Local […]