Change Service Log On as

Change Service Log On as

Service Log On As #

It’s possible change the Log On As credentials of the eurysco Services directly from the console and switching from the default LocalSystem (SYSTEM) user to an administrative local or domain user.

    • New Administrative Service Credential #

      Click on Confirm Change and fill in the Username and Password fields with the service user you want to set up.

    • Upgrade Credential Started #

      Click on Change Credential button to start the upgrade credential process.

      • Credential Verification Error #

        Warning! In case of error during verifying the entered credentials… the process will always roll back using LocalSystem (SYSTEM) user.

        … The process will always roll back using LocalSystem (SYSTEM) user.

    • Credential Verification Success #

      Wait for the next completion step following successful credential verification.

    • Upgrade Credential Completed #

      The completed upgrade process indicates that the eurysco services are running with the new service user.

    • eurysco Service Status #

      Check the status of eurysco services from the Service Control tool or the Windows Services console.