eurysco is a free and open source project based on PHP language, in order to enhance and simplify the remote administration of Microsoft operating systems with an intuitive, fast and responsive web interface

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Strong Security

eurysco is based on the following characteristics for a strong security:

  • Apache Hardened Proxy for SSL Communication
  • TLS 1.2
  • SSL Certificates with Hashing SHA512 and RSA 2048/4096 Key
  • Apache Slowloris DDOS Attack Mitigate Module
  • Apache Limit IP Connection Module
  • Apache Security Firewall Module
  • HTTP Digest Authentication
  • User Management
  • Internal Security Groups
  • Granular Permissions
  • Data Prefiltered
  • Access Time Limits
  • Disable User From Expiration Days
  • User and Session Locked Out Algorithms
  • User Rights Self-Elevate Prevention
  • PHP Firewall
  • DDOS and Brute Force Mitigate Algorithms
  • Man in the Middle Prevention Rules
  • Strong Hashing and Encryption Algorithms
  • Internal Audit Report mirrored on Windows Event Log