Local Tools

Local Tools

The following tools can be used locally from the node’s interactive interface.

System Registry #

The tool makes available all the features needed to manage the system registry.

    • Add or Edit Value #

    • Jump to Key #

    • Export Registry File #

    • Import Registry File #

WMI Explorer #

The tool provides the necessary functions to query the Windows Management Interface (WMI).

LDAP Explorer #

The tool makes available all the functions necessary for browsing the domains configured in LDAP.

    • Browse and View Details #

    • Import Groups and Users #

Command Line #

Command line interface for executing permitted commands replicating the CMD user experience.

File Browser #

The tool provides the functions needed to explore and manage files and folders.

    • Tail Reader and 7zip Integrated #

    • Jump to Folder #

    • Download and Upload Files #

Scheduled System Shutdown / Restart #

System shutdown or reboot scheduling tool.