System Monitoring

System Monitoring

Change parameters that define the tolerance thresholds, state, filters and archiving to view only relevant events and to have high level of awareness of the true critical issues, their resolution and prevention.

Warning! Some parameters are present and adjustable depending on the eurysco role (Standalone, Agent or Server).

    • Thresholds #

      Tolerance thresholds define the upper or lower limits for the monitored parameters, generating an alarm with a certain level of criticality when these thresholds are exceeded.

    • Attempts #

      Define the number of attempts before validating a certain type of alarm, to avoid false positives and ensure relevant and reliable reports.

    • Archive #

      Select the types of events to archive and their retention.

    • Filter #

      Set up any filters using keywords or regular expressions to filter out unusefull events directly from the source node.

    • System Notifications Email Addresses #

      Set the frequency and one or more email addresses separated by “;” to receive alarm notifications.