Nodes Management

Nodes Management

Nodes Status console provides real-time and detailed informations of all eurysco nodes, their health status, consumed resources and access to all centralized tools for each node.

Select Tag #

Select Tag to view the associated nodes (Manage Tags).

Dataset Filter #

Filter the nodes with simple conditions or regular expressions by selecting the desired dataset.

Change Tag to All Selected Nodes #

Change the Tag to all selected nodes (the Server node will not change Global tag membership).

Upgrade or Repair All Selected Nodes #

Update or repair all selected nodes that need updating or require reinstallation for any reason.

Send Command to All Selected Nodes #

Send Command massively to all selected nodes and verify the return exit code directly from the status of the nodes.

Restart Agent at All Selected Nodes #

If necessary, it is possible to massively send the restart command of the Eurysco agents to all the selected nodes.

Node Details #

View node details and the following management options:

  • Delete Node: Remove the node from the console and uninstall eurysco from the target system.
  • Tag Assignment: Assign the desired tag to the node.
  • Upgrade or Repair Node: Update the node to the current eurysco server version or reinstall the node if compromised.
  • Restart Node Agent Service: Restart the agent service on the node if there is a need to reinitialize data collection.
  • Run Command: Execute CMD command on the node compatible with the configured whitelist/blacklist.

Centralized Tools #

This centralized console provides the same functionality available from the direct console of the eurysco nodes (Centralized Tools).

    • Nagios Status #

    • System Inventory #

    • Process Control #

    • Service Control #

    • Network Stats #

    • Scheduled Tasks #

    • Event Viewer #

    • Installed Programs #

Default Views #

The Default Views available provide multiple points of view on the state of the infrastructure in real time.

    • Agent Details #

    • Operating System #

    • Computer System #

    • Health Status #