Security Monitoring Dashboard

Security Monitoring Dashboard

Interface that aggregates the status of all security alarms of eurysco nodes including acknowledge mechanisms.

    • Acknowledge #

      Acknowledgment is necessary to indicate that the alarm has been seen and that someone is working to resolve the detected problem:

      • Description: Text field to add notes, reference tickets and useful information.
      • Current Check for Current Node: Acknowledge this specific alarm in this specific node (default).
      • All Checks for Current Node: Acknowledge all alarms in this specific node.
      • Current Check for All Nodes: Acknowledge this alarm in all nodes.
      • Sticky: Acknowledge the alarm permanently.

Sticky Acknowledges View #

Interface for managing active permanent acknowledges.

Security Monitoring Details #

Specific views for each type of alarm which group together all the nodes and necessary management tools.

    • Events #

    • History #