Service Log On as

Service Log On as

It’s possible change the Log On As credentials of the eurysco Services directly from the console and switching from the default LocalSystem (SYSTEM) user to an administrative local or domain user.

    • New Administrative Service Credential #

      Click on Confirm Change and fill in the Username and Password fields with the service user you want to set up.

    • Upgrade Credential Started #

      Click on Change Credential button to start the upgrade credential process.

      • Credential Verification Error #

        Warning! In case of error during verifying the entered credentials… the process will always roll back using LocalSystem (SYSTEM) user.

        … The process will always roll back using LocalSystem (SYSTEM) user.

    • Credential Verification Success #

      Wait for the next completion step following successful credential verification.

    • Upgrade Credential Completed #

      The completed upgrade process indicates that the eurysco services are running with the new service user.

    • eurysco Service Status #

      Check the status of eurysco services from the Service Control tool or the Windows Services console.