Manage Tags

Manage Tags

Create a new Tag to associate with one or more nodes to which you want to apply distinct and separate settings from the Global Tag. The settings of the new Tag will be copied from the previously selected Tag.

Warning! Changing the Tag of a node already registered on the eurysco server can only be done from the server’s Nodes console.

    • Distinct Settings #

      Each Tag has distinct and separate General Settings, allowing you to centrally manage different settings for each node or group of nodes logically organized with the Tags.

    • Tag Assignment from Nodes Console #

      Open the Nodes console to assign the Tag to the selected nodes.

          • Tag Assignment to Single Node #

            Open the details of the desired node to apply the Tag.

          • Tag Assignment to Multiple Nodes #

            Use the desired filters, click on the Change Tag button, select the desired Tag, confirm the action and click on the Edit button to assign the Tag to multiple nodes at the same time.

      Check the Tag assignment #

      Check from the Nodes console that the selected nodes have been associated with the Tag.

    • Tag Assignment during Node Installation #

      If the node has never been registered on the eurysco server or has been deleted from the Nodes console, it is possible to associate the Tag with one or more nodes during installation, distribution or setup via command line as described in the following references: