Internal Certificate Management

Internal Certificate Management

All exposed eurysco services use an internal CA to generate the certificates necessary to encrypt the connection in TLS and described in detail in the Security Matrix. In an Eurysco infrastructure in server agent mode, all nodes use the server’s internal CA, thus centralizing the Certification Authority and the issuing of the necessary certificates. The eurysco CA provides the possibility of being trusted by an enterprise Certification Authority of your organization or a public one in case of need.

    • eurysco Services #

      Each exposed service encrypts the information with a certificate generated by its internal eurysco CA or by the Server’s eurysco CA and in any case gives the possibility of verifying the certificate with an ad hoc CSR.

Automatic Certificate Management #

The eurysco Agents periodically check the integrity of the node certificates and their expiration, automatically requesting new ones from the eurysco Server.